Accudrive - An apple watch to concept to know
your Driving accuracy

About the project

An Apple watch concept app to measure your driving accuracy and categorize and display the results individually.Also improve your accuracy with the statistics of each month.Get notified on your watch notifications about your monthly score.

Project Type & Involvement

Concept app - Product Design


October 2015


Watch OS

How it was done?

Ideating & Wireframing

The aim of the application was to measure the driving accuracy making use of the inbuilt capabilities. The primary functionality was to help the users improve their driving providing a statistics of his driving. Initial conceptualization was to how to calculate the drive accurately and effectively communicate the user about his driving. Making use of the native maps application to calculate the turns and traffic was helpful in measuring the accuracy. Initial wireframes helped me in accommodating information in the User interface and also to the smaller screen size.

Application screens

The screens were constructed with the native components of an Apple watch interface. Bolder and legible elemtns were used to accomodate the smaller screen size of the watch to make it viable for the user. Also, typography and colours used are kept bright to accomodate all light conditions and to support maximum visiblity.

Set a location and start a drive

The primary flow of the application which allows the user to start a new drive from his location where the location is auto-detected. The user can set the destination with the help of siri (i.e) the native voice assistant or the user can also choose from a list of recent and frequent locations the user has driven to.

Start a new drive

By starting a new drive the app starts to track your accuracy by synchronizing with the route in the map. The drive screen shows the location throughout the drive with an end button inorder to complete the users drive to attain his accuracy results.

Drive analysis and results

The stats tab helps you track your productivity through the individual stats of each entity and also a graph showing your monthly progress on using the app. The tab also let users view their completed tasks over the period of time they have used the application.

Review past drives and stats

The application lets you view your past drives and view the distance and scores individually helping users keep a track of his past drives. The statistics screen shows a graph plotted with the scores of his driving over a period of time which helps the user know how his quality of driving has improved or declined over time.

Notifications on your accuracy

Push notifications gives an alert on his scores over a week or month to inform the user about his driving average on a weekly and monthly basis.

Application workflow