Zeta- Digitising employee benefits
& tax-saving reimbursements

About the project

Zeta focuses on digitising employee tax savings & benefits. I Worked as an interaction designer for two web products bundled inside the Zeta Optima product which focuses on digitising the employee salary disrbursal and health insurance process. Apart from this, I worked time in designing multiple minor user life cycle features.


Interaction designer


Feb - Aug 2018


Android, iOS & Web

Major Projects

1. Zeta salary

Zeta salary is an end to end tool for organizations to manage salary disbursements for employers and for employees to manage the salary within the primary zeta application. I was responsible for designing application that touched all the end points of the process solving the need for all the stakeholders.

The Problem

1)There is no centralized application for salary disbursement.
2) Opportunity for the company to act as one stop shop tool for salary and benefit management.
3) Employers can manage salary disbursement efficiently in a single tool.
4) Reduce employees efforts by providing a single application for salary and benefits management


1. Employee setup and management
2. Disbursal management dashboard
3. Acoount approval portal

2. Zeta Health

Zeta health is an end to end tool for creating and managing health insurances for employers and employees. The product works in collaboration with insurance companies of the employers choice to setup and manage health insurances.

Problem & Needs

1) Insurance process are cumbersome and non-digitized.
2) Dependency on third party providers for insurance management.
3) Insurance claims are hard and requires multiple steps for the same when there is an emergency.

Minor Projects

1. Leave Travel Allowance

The LTA program in Zeta provides a hassle free experience for employees to efficiently submit and claim their travel expenses. I got to work on the Interaction design and illustrations for the same. I worked on improvising the visual design and user experience of the existed version to minimize the steps for submitting bills to claim the allowance amount.

2. Download Passbook

Helps users of the application to download their spendings from the benefit cards as a printable statement.

3. Pay with Zeta - Ecommerce

Revamped the interface for payments on external ecommerce websites using the Zeta cash card.

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