Zeta- Digitising employee benefits
& tax-saving reimbursements

About the project

Zeta focuses on digitising employee tax savings & benefits. I Worked as an interaction designer for two stealth mode web products bundled inside the Zeta Optima product which focuses on digitising the employee salary disrbursal and health insurance process. Apart from this, I worked time in designing multiple user life cylce interactions.


Interaction designer


Feb - Aug 2018


Android, iOS & Web

Leave Travel Allowance

The Leave Travel Allowance program in Zeta provides a hassle free experience for employees to efficiently submit and claim their travel expenses. I got to work on improvising the Interaction Design and Visual Design over the existing version for the program bundled inside the Zeta Optima suite for employees.

Other works ( Under NDA )

Stealth mode projects

Worked on two stealth mode web products as a principle interaction designer right from ideating to brining the conceptual ideas alive by interacting with product managers and developers. The products were primary in the banking and the healthcare space for the employees. Unfortunately, I would not be be able to disclose further due to the non disclosure agreement. If you would like to know more. Drop me an e-mail at tcsreeni93@gmail.com