Hey ! I'm Srini

A digital product designer who solves complex problems
with simple and intuitive interfaces.

About me

I’m a product designer who solves complex problems to build simple and delightful digital products. I have a strong passion for creating products that delight the user with their easily usable interfaces and visual aesthetics. Being a tech-savvy, I am enthusiastic to learn cutting edge technologies.

Photography, music and travel are the other things on which I while away my time other than work.


Selected works

Zoho Sheet

View, edit spreadsheets on mobile platforms.


Digital products for the FoodTech company delivering dishes from curated chefs.

Accu Drive

Measure your driving accurancy from your wrist.


Organize your normal tasks and priorities.


Windows phone concept of a real estate app to buy, rent houses.


Create and view To Do's on your Wear OS smartwatches.

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